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Lewisport City Council cracking down on homeowners; enforcing property upkeep, updates on projects

  The Lewisport City Council met on Thursday, April 20th. Mayor Chad Gregory and council members made the decision to enforce the upkeep of properties. Matt Curtis and Bryan Lovan, co-owners of Bluegrass Engineering, attended the meeting and provided updates for ongoing projects, including the water treatment plant. Enforcing Upkeep Gregory said that the need…

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Widening of Hwy 60; new police officer discussed at Hawesville council meeting

Hawesville City Council met on Tuesday evening, January 10th. Newly elected Hawesville Mayor Robbie McCormick and newly elected council member, Justin Basham, along with council members Wayne Herndon, Tracy Johnson, Pat “Junnie” Morris, Kevin Linn and Danny Doyle were joined by Matt Curtis, co-owner of Bluegrass Engineering, who has been working with Hawesville and Matt…

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