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Hawesville’s youngest entrepreneur is now doing podcasts

  Jane Kolonich (7) and her parents, Dave & Katie, live on a small farm in Hawesville. In March of this year, Jane and her dad began creating podcasts for children on various subjects she is learning about and is interested in. In their podcast – “The Kids Podcast a.k.a. Jane is Cooler than Dave”,…

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Nathan & Tina Powers; Historians of the Year

  The Hancock County Historical Society awarded Nathan & Tina Powers with the honor of 2023 Historians of the Year at the 50th Anniversary Celebration in Hawesville on Saturday, September 16th. President Charlene Corley presented the couple with the award, and they each delivered very heartfelt acceptance speeches to a crowd of around 50 people.…

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GOP lawmakers override veto of transgender bill

Associated Press FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Republican lawmakers in Kentucky on Wednesday swept aside the Democratic governor’s veto of a bill regulating some of the most personal aspects of life for transgender young people – from banning access to gender- affirming health care to restricting the bathrooms they can use. The votes to override Gov.…

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Chinese power shortages could mean boost for American aluminum producers

China is facing an energy crisis. The global industrial power produces about 56 percent of its electricity through thermal production methods, utilizing coal, much of which is imported from Australia. The energy shortage has resulted in significant impact to China’s manufacturing sector in the three main industrial provinces – Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong – as…

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Getting to know you; Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson’s family moved to Hawesville in November of 1967, when he was 4. His father, Richard Wilson, was hired as a project engineer at WesCor. They attended Hawesville Methodist Church. Tom was in band, played football and basketball at Hancock County High School, and graduated in 1981. Tom’s mother is the late Louise Wilson. 

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