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Students learning pathway to Culinary Arts at HCHS

HCHS Principal Ginger Estes said the Culinary Arts students at HCHS have been a huge asset to the school. They prepare everything in the school’s very impressive state of the art professional kitchen, under excellent instruction from HCHS Family & Consumer Science Teacher Heather DeJarnette. “They cater all of our banquets for our students,” Principal…

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Hwy 60 Returns to 4-Lanes until spring

  Yager Materials in Owensboro was contracted to widen Hwy 60 from just east of the entrance at Vastwood Park to 1957, and work started in mid-April of this year. Beginning Thursday, November 9th, traffic will return to a 4-lane and resume normal patterns until April 15th, 2024. On April 15th, Hwy 60 will go…

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What I learned from dying: Dreaming of dumplings

By Dave Taylor I haven’t been able to eat anything by mouth since about April. I’ve gotten 100 percent of my nutrition, both food and water, through a feeding tube, but that’s been fine because I was never all that into food. But lately I find myself obsessing and even dreaming about the foods I…

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The words we use do matter, no matter the purpose

Well, just in time for the holidays, seems a new variant of COVID-19 – Omicron – has been discovered in South Africa. Early word is the variant could be more resistant to vaccines, and that the virus tends to reside in the upper respiratory system, making it much more transmissible through sneezes and coughs. The…

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