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stage 4 metastatic esophageal cancer

What I learned from dying; Sometimes I forget I’m dying

Sometimes I forget that I’m dying. Sure, I feel super tired almost always, I spit up foul smelling bile all day and my hands and feet are numb, but that just equals sick in my mind. It’s easy to forget that those things are signs of my slow departure from this earth. I’m pretty sure…

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What I learned from dying; I put a ring on it

I have big news this week. I got engaged! To paraphrase Beyonce, I liked it so I put a ring on it. Last Thursday, on the one-year anniversary of my girlfriend Jamie and I officially becoming a couple, I asked her to marry me and she replied with a resounding yes. Now the ask wasn’t…

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What I learned from dying; Nothing will ever be the same

                                                                            Dave Taylor pre-cancer / Dave Taylor today The other day my girlfriend Jamie asked me how I feel my chemo treatments are going, but then asked me a bigger much more difficult question: how do I think my cancer story will play out?  For those seeing this column for the first time, I was…

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