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What I learned from dying: I’m a married man

Last Saturday I made one of the best and easiest decisions I’ve made in my life when I married my fabulous fiancee Jamie Hunt. I highly recommend finding a fantastic girl and marrying her. We had a simple, laid back ceremony at Hawesville Baptist Church’s gym and even livestreamed it on Facebook, where something like…

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What I Learned From Dying: Pleasantly surprised

Just one month after being told I should go on Hospice, my doctor told me he’s “pleasantly surprised” by my progress. That’s a far cry from when he told me this new chemotherapy was more likely to kill me than the cancer would. My latest CT scan showed that the cancer spots on my liver…

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What I Learned From Dying: I’m going bald fast

So I’m bald, very bald. And I’m going bald at what seems like some kind of world record rate. Just a few weeks ago I had a full head of hair and things were right with the world. Then one day I was drying my hair with a towel and the towel looked like a…

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What I Learned From Dying: Looks can be deceiving

I’m writing this from the air. I’m in a plane on mine and Jamie’s big trip to New York City where we hope to do something other than give me medicine and puke. As we prepared to take off, they described the floatation devices, oxygen, overhead lights, etc and I remember thinking, “Well they’ve thought…

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What I Learned From Dying: Feeling better or being better?

I actually had a great week this week. I felt good, I walked taller and I took on some projects. My new chemotherapy appears to have few obvious side effects, other than more nausea on days six and seven, and I’m generally feeling much better on it. Now whether that means I’m actually better or…

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