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Nolin Lake

Flying fish

As I wrote several times over this past summer, as a young kid my family often visited Nolin Lake in the summer time. My aunt Jean and Uncle Roy owned a lot on the lake in the Dog Creek area. We spent many a day out on the water boating, swimming and fishing. As we…

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Summers at Nolin Lake: Pontoon voyage and quicksand!

When I was in high school my dad and his sister Jean and brother-in-law Roy went in halves and purchased a pontoon boat. The pontoon was a homemade job constructed out of 1/8th inch steel, and was 28-feet long; it was tough-as-nails and as heavy as a tank! It was not a fast boat, but…

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Summers on Nolin Lake: Fireworks battle!

My family spent a lot of time at my aunt Jean and uncle Roy’s lot on Nolin Lake as I grew up. In my late teens or early 20s my grandmother decided to join us one 4th of July weekend. We spent the day out on the water, and as evening approached we docked the…

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Fishing in the rain

We spent most summers on Nolin Lake doing two things: fishing and swimming. Usually we fished more than we swam. One summer my dad, my sister and I spent a week at the lot on Nolin Lake by ourselves, with my aunt and cousins to join us the following week. One day we took the…

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Summers at Nolin Lake: Jon Boat

My aunt Jean and Uncle Roy owned a lot on Nolin Lake many years ago. In the spring and summer months we often went there to camp, fish, swim and generally enjoy ourselves. In his early 20s my cousin jay purchased a used Jon boat. I think it was made out of dropped-forged battleship armor;…

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