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Native Americans

Healthy Habits; Chaparral

  Chaparral:  This flowering, desert shrub thrives in Mexico and in the Southwestern U.S., such as in the Mojave & Sonora Deserts. Chaparral’s small leaves are said to have a tarlike smell, thus it has gained the nicknames greasewood and creosote bush. However, its tiny, yellow, spring blooming flowers are said to have a much…

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Healthy Habits Chokeberries    Chokeberries, also known as aronia berries and not to be confused with chokecherries, have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit!  They contain 4 times the polyphenols of blueberries; with purple and red varieties having the most flavonoids. Their rich antioxidant content assists the body in protecting against free radicals and…

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