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Mayor Chad Gregory

Lewisport City Council Monthly Meeting – new water plant discussed,

Lewisport City Council Monthly Meeting – new water plant discussed, Wes Pate resigns, new truck for Fire Department approved. The Lewisport City Council met on Thursday, September 15 for their monthly meeting and discussed several topics, including the possibility of building a new water plant in the future. Mayor Chad Gregory commented on the project:…

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Lewisport discussing infrastructure to attact new homes

  Several topics were discussed at the Lewisport City Council Meeting last week

. On Thursday evening, August 18, several topics were discussed at the Lewiport City Council Meeting, such as encouraging home developers to build in the area and putting in more lamp posts for better lighting of the streets at night.
   “We’re trying to…

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Lewisport City Council relinquishes interest in old ferry landing

In a 5-1 vote, with council member Mary Hawkins voting no, the Lewisport City Council voted to relinquish any interest the city possibly owned to an easement to the old ferry landing/boat dock at the end of Fourth Street. The issue arose last month when council members questioned the installation of a driveway at 110…

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Lewisport amends budget

In a meeting lasting less than 30 minutes, the Lewisport City Council approved the first reading of an amendment amending the 2020-21 budget. The budget ordinance increases the General Fund by 121,000, said Lewisport City Administrator Brent Wiggington. He said the increase came from CARES ACT money the city received from the Federal Government in…

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