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Lewisport Baptist Church

Getting to know you: Ami Hunt

  Ami Hunt was born and raised in Lewisport. She is the daughter of Keith and the late Donna Westerfield. “We were very family-oriented and involved with the community,” she said. “I guess that’s why I’ve never left. My heart’s in Lewisport.” Growing up, Ami said her community felt like a “big family”. “We always…

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Farewell Hancock County

Farewell Hancock County, I am going to miss you. For those of you who have not heard, I am resigning my position at the Hancock Clarion and moving to Minnesota to be near my sister. She is the only immediate family I have left in the world, and I want to be by my family.…

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Mouth open before brain engaged

All of my life, I have often spoken before engaging my brain, or speak in a hurry and completely mangle what I am trying to say. One of the first times I remember this happening was when I was about four or five years old and staying at my grandparents’ house for a visit. I…

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Methodist Bishop recommends wearing masks

The Delta Variant of the Coronavirus continues to surge globally, as well as locally. The rise in the number of Coronavirus cases impacted churches in the community. The Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church recommended to its churches to restart universal masking starting on August 1. It recommended everyone, even the vaccinated, to…

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