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Kyle Veach

Getting to know you; Hugh Ogle

The first fire I went on, I rode on the back of the old pumper we had then, all the way out there. They had been spraying water and they said, ‘o.k., we are going to draft water from the pond,’ and I put on hip boots and went into the pond and held the…

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Kyle Veach, Hancock County Emergency Management Agency Director

Kyle Veach is the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency Director, Captain at Station 5 of Owensboro Fire Department and has been a part-time EMT in Hancock County since 2010.
   For the last 3 years, Veach has served as EMA Director. He says that it has been, “the highlight of my career to serve my hometown.”…

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911 director says system outdated; county commits to big overhaul

After hearing the county’s 911 communications are so poor that it’s endangering personnel, the county has committed to spend at least $269,000 to bring it up to minimum compliance in the next year. Damien Rice, the county’s 911 director, told the fiscal court Monday that the system had been neglected for so long that it…

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