House Bill 327

House Bill moving Hancock courts dies at last minute

Just when it seemed like local efforts to stop a bill that would move Hancock County to a judicial district with Daviess County had failed, then came news that the once-certain bill had failed to even come to a vote for final passage. House Bill 327, in its original form, was a short, simple bill…

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County officials upset over House Bill 327

County officials upset over House Bill 327; ask Castlen and Calloway for help to block passage Officials involved in Hancock County’s courts are vigorously fighting against the passage of a bill that would merge the county’s court system with that of Daviess County, which opponents say is a bad mix of rural and urban and…

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Bill would join Hancock Court with Daviess

A  proposed bill in the state legislature will combine Hancock County with Daviess in one judicial circuit, which the bill says would help ease the burden on family courts but opponents say the change could hurt county residents and that it was being done without any notice. House Bill 327, co-sponsored by D.J. Johnson, who…

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