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COVID-19 pandemic

Can Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear win again?

      Kentucky’s gubernatorial race this year is set to serve as a stress test for Democrats’ ability to survive in GOP-dominated states, local operatives and observers say — as the party’s hold on the Senate and White House relies on 2024 contests in similarly red and purple swaths of the country. First-term Gov.…

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Chinese power shortages could mean boost for American aluminum producers

China is facing an energy crisis. The global industrial power produces about 56 percent of its electricity through thermal production methods, utilizing coal, much of which is imported from Australia. The energy shortage has resulted in significant impact to China’s manufacturing sector in the three main industrial provinces – Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong – as…

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Board adds $50 to vaccination incentive

The state announced plans to give vaccinated staff or employees that receive their vaccinations by December 1, 2021 a one-time $100 payment. This incentive applies to full-time and part-time employees. At the September 23, 2021 Hancock County Board of Education meeting, the board voted to add to this amount.  “Our board decided to add $50…

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Mask up, get vaccinated and stop COVID

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic people furiously debated what steps we need to take to abate the pandemic. No matter the recommendation, some people claimed the steps did not work. The two most heated points of contention concern masks and COVID-19 vaccines. Many people claim masks do nothing to stop the spread of COVID,…

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Superintendent Asberry settling into new position

A new era started in the Hancock County Public School System when Robert “Robbie” Asberry assumed the position of Superintendent of the school system. He started July 1, and spent the first couple of weeks getting to know people in the school system, and the community. “Everyone at Hancock County has been great,” Asberry said.…

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