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City Attorney Jamie Stephens

Unfreezing of Funds; optimistic for City of Hawesville

The releasing of state funding has been frozen/withheld from the City of Hawesville because of past incompliance with audits, and there is a way to possibly unfreeze this funding. Hawesville Mayor Robbie McCormick explained at the Hawesville Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 9th, “It’s a resolution for records lost, damaged or destroyed – records per…

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Hawesville to Raise Sewer Rates; Truck Traffic to Close on Town Hill

Sewer Rates Raised Hawesville Mayor Robbie McCormick announced at the City Council Meeting Tuesday evening that the City’s sewer rates will be raised saying, “The average increase on the sewer rate will be between $8 and possibly $12 monthly.” There were rate increases put into ordinances every year that weren’t enforced during the previous administration,…

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Breakthrough for Road Assistance; Domtar donates $15K to Hawesville VFD

The Hawesville City Council met on Tuesday evening, October 3rd. Hawesville City Clerk Lora Basham was congratulated on completing the Level 1 – Achievement in City Governance via KY League of Cities City Officials Training Center. She completed 58 hours of approved courses and 2 hours of ethics. Breakthrough for Road Assistance Hawesville Mayor Rob…

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