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Celtic sea salt

Healthy Habits; Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt In the March 25th edition of the Hancock Clarion, you may’ve read my column on Celtic sea salt. Another salt that is comparable to it, in that it has more of the vital minerals that we need for optimal health, is pink Himalayan sea salt. I, personally, prefer Celtic sea salt,…

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Celtic Sea Salt

Healthy Habits: Celtic Sea Salt    It makes a huge difference as to what kind of salt you’re using. It is worth spending a little extra on salt that has not been depleted of the minerals that we are actually craving when we want salt.    The absolute best one I’ve found, that my family has…

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Healthy Habits; Macadamia Nuts

There are 10 species of macadamia trees. Only 2 produce nuts, and it takes 7 years before they begin to grow. This slow harvesting process is the main reason they are so expensive. These flowering trees originated in North East Australia and were called “kindal kindal” by the Aborigines. British colonists renamed them after Dr.…

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