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Brent Wigginton

Wigginton leaving admin role in Lewisport March 1

Lewisport City Administrator Brent Wigginton will be leaving the position he has held for 15 years to take on the role of general manager of Daviess County Water. Wigginton, who has worked a total of 22 years for the city, made the announcement at the Jan. 27 meeting of Lewisport City Council. He will begin…

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Getting to know you; Brent Wigginton

In 1978, Brent Wigginton moved to Hancock County with his family. His parents, Jerry and Kay Wigginton bought a farm in Pellville. Jerry worked at NSA and Kay was a Homemaker. Wigginton grew up farming and said he, “learned early in life, what it was to have to do hard work and see a job…

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Heritage Fest moved to September

The Lewisport Heritage Festival, a staple of summers since 1989, will be held in the fall this year, which organizers hope will allow them to have a festival free of COVID-19 restrictions, or at least more so than this June when it was originally planned. This year’s festival will be held on September 23, 24…

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