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Healthy Habits: Take A Look!

Did you know that there are many foods that look like the actual parts of the body that they can help keep healthy? One of the most apparent ones is kidney beans. When we cook them properly and include them into our diets, they can help keep our blood sugar steady and blood pressure low,…

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Healthy Habits: Coffee

Controversy and Benefits Here’s a subject of some controversy – coffee. Is it good or bad for you? It seems that the negative side effects mainly result from overconsumption. However, when sticking to just one cup a day, it looks like it has more benefit than just waking you up in the morning. Drinking too…

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Healthy Habits; Chaparral

  Chaparral:  This flowering, desert shrub thrives in Mexico and in the Southwestern U.S., such as in the Mojave & Sonora Deserts. Chaparral’s small leaves are said to have a tarlike smell, thus it has gained the nicknames greasewood and creosote bush. However, its tiny, yellow, spring blooming flowers are said to have a much…

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Healthy Habits; Macadamia Nuts

There are 10 species of macadamia trees. Only 2 produce nuts, and it takes 7 years before they begin to grow. This slow harvesting process is the main reason they are so expensive. These flowering trees originated in North East Australia and were called “kindal kindal” by the Aborigines. British colonists renamed them after Dr.…

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