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C. Waitman Taylor, Jr. dies at age 91

By Dave Taylor Waitman Taylor, Jr., a central figure in the histories of both Owensboro and Hancock County, died Friday at the age of 91. Taylor, a former mayor of Owensboro, was born in Hancock County on September 18, 1927 and played a major role in shaping the county, having sold the land for Windward…

Newton denies wrongdoing in baby body move

By Dave Taylor The story of a divorced couple fighting over the exhumation of their long-dead infant’s body made headlines starting late last week, when sensationalized and vague TV news stories left the public clamoring for details of a possible grave robbery or a clandestine plan to sneak off with an infant’s corpse against the…

Schamore proposes gov’t land leases for internet infrastructure

By Dave Taylor As the Kentucky General Assembly begins its 2019 regular session, Democrat Representative Dean Schamore has proposed resolutions that could pave the way for improved access for companies operating in rural areas to install communications equipment. In resolutions proposed for both the state and federal government, Schamore asks that government agencies consider leasing…

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