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Seagulls flock to receding water

Seagulls flock to floodwaters near Waitman Station Loop Monday, looking for food in what’s left behind as the water receded.

County man finds workaround, unlocks high speed AT&T internet

By Dave Taylor A Hancock County man has found something that is rarer than Bigfoot sightings and more sought after than the Golden Chalice: he found a way to get legitimately fast internet at his home. What’s more, it didn’t even require new service, just some brainstorming and a few tweaks to how he uses…

Neighbors new head of program to train, place special needs clients in careers

By Dave Taylor Blaire Neighbors has her dream job. She’s getting to pursue her passion of helping those with special needs while at the same time disproving the stereotypes associated with the group.  See this week’s Hancock Clarion for the full story

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