Kusari: The Art of Knitting with Steel


Kusari, or Japanese chainmail, was invented in the 13th century, around the time of the Mongol invasions of Japan. Used to connect plates of armor, it drapes and hangs like fabric.   Today, artists use Kusari to make beautiful jewelry and body art.  It’s flexibility, versatility and strength make it the perfect medium for “knitting with steel.”

Kyra Matsui, Japanese-Canadian artist and designer, will demonstrate the art of Kusari,  share the historical and literary inspirations for her life and work, and  tell the story of how she went from that kind-of weird-kid in the corner of the classroom to an internationally known jewelry designer who spends her days knitting with steel.  You’re invited to come and meet the artist at  Perry County Public Library.


This program is free and open to the public.



Oct-18-18 5:00 pm - Oct-18-18 6:00 pm
Perry County Public Library
Address: 2328 Tell Street Tell City, IN 47586