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School Board hears presentation by NHES Principal Moore

John Garner was sworn-in on Monday as the new SRO for North Hancock Elementary. (L to R) Assistant Superintendent of HC Schools Nick Boling, Superintendent Robby Asberry, John Garner, Judge Daniel Boling, and Hancock County Sheriff Dale Bozarth.

The Hancock County Board of Education met on the evening of Thursday, February 22nd and recognized the Hancock County Middle School Quick Recall Team, who qualified for the State Competition. Congrats HCMS Academic Team Students!

SRO Recognition

The new School Resource Officer (SRO) was also recognized and introduced to the board members. John Garner, former Lewisport Chief of Police and District 1 Magistrate, will be serving as SRO for North Hancock. Dep. Mark Powers will switch from serving as SRO at South Hancock to SRO at HCMS/HCHS Campus, and Dep. Frank Howard will be SRO for SHES. Dep. Butch Garst, who was SRO at HCMS/HCHS, will be returning to a deputy position with the HC Sheriff’s Office.

2 New Buses

The purchase of 2 new buses for Hancock County Public Schools (HCPS) was approved at $152K a piece. “We have a bus purchasing plan to make sure our buses are up to date,” Superintendent Robby Asberry said.

New Plumbing Career Pathway Approved

The board approved a new Plumbing Career Pathway at Hancock County High School for this next school year (2024/2025). “Hopefully,” Asberry said, “we’ll get some apprenticeships in the field of plumbing.”

SHES Renovation

The board approved a renovation in SHES classrooms. Asberry said, “Right now, there is some carpet in them that needs to be taken out and have new tile put in. I feel like it would be a good addition to that school.”

NHES Presentation

NHES Principal Kelly Moore presented to the board the NHES student results on their Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing and other data to show progress. MAP is a computerized adaptive assessment program that provides educators with the information they need to improve teaching and learning, taken by all students in grades K-5 in KY Public Schools.

When data from testing is analyzed, it helps them see where students are struggling. Data from Fast Bridge testing scores, reading inventory, interventions on math and reading for each child, as well as challenges in vision and hearing are all measured to find students’ weaker areas and help them improve.

The data revealed, for example, that 2nd grade reading went from 26 percent proficient in fall up to 40 percent in winter. “We want to keep nudging those numbers up,” Moore said. “Our teachers continue to do that. They do a lot of small group instruction in addition to the reading and math interventions, with stations in reading and math that can hone in on specific skills that students are struggling with.”

In January, HCPS and HC Public Libraries partnered to provide training for 19 reading assistant teachers at NHES and SHES. All reading teachers at both schools have received 90 hours of Science of Reaching instruction training through LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) and Orton-Gillingham with Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE). “They feel so empowered,” Moore added. “It’s made a big difference in our classrooms.”


Agreement w/ DCBS

“There is an agreement between us and the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS),” Asberry said, “saying that we will transport children placed in foster care.” DCBS is KY’s primary human services agency and part of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.


The board approved closing a CD and transferring funds. “We have a CD with some money in it,” Asberry stated. “The CD is getting 3 percent interest and we’re going to be moving that to something that gets 5.4 percent interest. It will be an increase of about 2.4 percent interest rate.”

Treasurer’s Report

Director of Finance Trey Anderson reported: Receipts were $1,975,346.06 and expenditures were $1,272,448.05, for an ending balance of $5,054,584.


The District Wellness Policy that is done annually concerning details such as the times of student activities and school meals was approved by the board.

Mowing Bids

The mowing bids for HCPS was approved by the board.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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