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Dollar General to put new DG Market in Lewisport

The old Shell Station in Lewisport is being demolished and once completed, the new Dollar General building will be placed in it’s spot. The DG across the highway is moving to this new location and is expected to be a larger DG Market (supermarket).


Lewisport’s Dollar General, currently located at 8175 US Hwy 60W, will be moving across the highway to where the old Shell Station building was. According to what a Clarion reporter was told, a larger Dollar General Market Store will soon be opened there. “DG Markets” have a supermarket, including fresh produce, frozen, refrigerated, and canned goods sections.

Owner of the old Shell Station, Joel White, sold it to DG Corporation recently. The new building is already sitting on the lot and as soon as the demolition of the old station is completed, it will be placed and the DG store’s contents will be moved into it.

A History of the old Shell Station

The old Shell Station began around 1964, and Chic Willett is said to have been the first owner. Phil Bozarth and his father then purchased it from Willett. Donnie Brown bought-in with Phil, the two then co-owned it, and it was B & B for many years.

Brown and Bozarth sold the building to Jerry Banks and his brother, Billy Banks, and they owned and ran the station for a few years. Donnie Brown purchased it back around ’74 or ’75. Allen Chappell worked for Donnie until 1977, and then he and his brother, Mark Chappell, purchased it that year. They ran the store for several years together, until Allen sold his share of it to Mark.

Mark Chappell owned it from 1977 until his death in 2007 when he was, sadly, killed in a head-on collision on Easter Sunday that year at the early age of 49. Allen said one of the most memorable occurrences from when he and Mark owned the building was during the 1978 Blizzard. “We had people from the plants that were trying to get home,” he said, “but couldn’t get home because nobody could go anywhere. We had guys that spent the night at the Shell Station; They could make it as far as Lewisport. We had guys that were sleeping on our tires, etc. That was a memorable moment.”

After Mark’s passing, the building was then leased out to multiple mechanics that were trying to make a business there for around 2 years. Larry White purchased it next, and later sold it to his brother, Joel White. Joel has now sold it to DG Corporation.

“They made a purchase offer to me about six months ago,” Joel said. “It hasn’t really closed yet but I told them to go ahead with the building. I look for it to close sometime this week.”

If it is correct that the new DG will be a “DG Market”, you can check the Dollar General Website to get a preview of what the new store may offer. DG Markets are, essentially, Dollar General stores with the addition of a grocery store/supermarket. DG operates around 19,000 stores in the U.S., with 2,700 of them offering fresh groceries. DG Markets generally stock fresh produce, meat, dairy and other items not found in regular DG Stores, and are reportedly overpriced compared to regular grocery stores.

By Jennifer Wimmer


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