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Hawesville police chief investigating rash of break-ins

There is an open investigation into the robberies in downtown Hawesville that occurred recently. Hawesville Chief of Police Cody Axton said, “We’re looking for 3 males that broke into a couple of places in downtown Hawesville from Harrison Street, Center Way and the Jennings Street apartments (Riverhill Apartments).

There has been an abundance of support and names thrown our way. We’re digging through those names to try to see who matches and best fits our description, in order to set up some interviews and try to get this handled as swiftly as possible. Any and all help is still necessary, and we’re definitely still listening to people to throw us more names.

At this time, we haven’t identified the three but we definitely feel like we’re getting close. Hopefully, here very soon, we can identify those 3 and move forward with all of the actions that are going to be taken.”

By Jennifer Wimmer

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