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Hancock County Fair Wins Most Progressive Fair 2023

Holding the plaque for Most Progressive Fair 2023 received at the KAFHS Convention this month are Paula Powers and Karen Colbert, surrounded by many of their fellow HC Fair Board members. (Board President Greg Wettstain not pictured.)

The Hancock County Fair was awarded Most Progressive Fair 2023 again this year at the Kentucky Association of Fairs & Horse Shows (KAFHS) Convention at the Galt House in Louisville this month. For our division (Zone 1, Div. A), this is one of the highest awards achievable.

The award is based on the presentation of the fairgrounds, the number of entries and exhibits, and the prize monies paid out for exhibits and entries. Kyle Hodskins and Tim Cecil went to receive the award and attended 2 days of planning sessions. They said it’s a good event and that they always learn a lot when they attend. They look at what other county fairs around the state are doing and are able to gather new ideas for the HC Fair.

The HC Fair Board has many volunteer members and they all work diligently, taking time out of their busy schedules to create the very best possible Hancock County Fair each year. The HC Fair has won state level awards for 5 years in a row and is in the Top 6 KY County Fairs.

2023 Board Members and Coordinators

The 2023 Board Members and Coordinators are as follows: Executive Board – President Greg Wettstain, Vice President Scott Basham, Secretary Karen Colbert and Treasurer Paula Powers; Advisory Board – Josh Smith (Vocational & Ag), Tim Cecil (Farm Bureau Rep.), Gary Marsch (Cattleman’s Assoc. Rep.), Gary Baker (Soil Conservation Rep.), Evan Tate (Ag Ext.), Lisa Hagman (4-H Ext.) and Gordon Gaynor (HC Farm Supply); Entertainment – Chuck Gray; Finance – Paula Powers; Fundraising – Julie Bland; Building & Grounds – Kyle Hodskins; Pageants – Trina Ogle; Homemakers – Lesa Keown; Livestock Shows – Evan Tate; Food Vendors – Josh Smith; Horse Shows – Tim Cecil; Motorsports – Daniel Poynter; and Commercial Vendors – Glenda Gilliland. Other volunteer team members are: Debby Hurst, Leah Marsch, Logan Wheatley, Steven Vannatten, Zach Wettstain, Austin Wheatley, Otis Poynter, Ricky Colbert, Kasey Emmick and Fred Stephens.


2023 HC Fair

The turnout for last year’s fair was estimated at around 8,000 people! The volunteer team strives to make improvements each year. The Hancock County Road Department placed new gravel around the rides and woodchips were placed on the bank. Junior Firefighters helped pressure wash all of the buildings. The horse shows had a great turnout again, as well as the popular Demo Derby event. The Ranch Sorting event was a huge hit again, with 100 different teams participating, and the new “Pony Express” event was added, a pony cart barrel racing event that was fun to participate in and for all to watch. The Go-Kart Racing event is popular every year as well. A Sensory Ride Time was also arranged for the first time by Hancock County Autism Advocates, and was greatly appreciated by parents and children attending.

2024 HC Fair

The 2024 Hancock County Fair days are scheduled for Wednesday, July 31st through Saturday, August 3rd. “We are still in the planning phase, but we’re planning on having the demolition derby on Saturday night, as usual,” Basham said. They’ve partnered with Casey Rides again for this year, and meetings have already been held to discuss how traffic and parking will be improved. The Board received donations from Domtar and Commonwealth toward building new restrooms, and are looking for more donations to complete those. There will be extra parking this year, and another exit is planned for exiting out onto 2181. As the schedule becomes more solid, updates will be provided in the Clarion so keep an eye out!

The Hancock County Fair is held each year at the Hancock County Fairgrounds located at 1430 KY-1389 in Hawesville. The website is:


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