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Getting to Know You: Moncella “Monie” Sosh

Pastors Larry & Monie Sosh.

Pastor and Entrepreneur

Moncella “Monie” Sosh is Co-Pastor at Safe Harbor Christian Fellowship in the heart of Pellville, along with her husband Larry Sosh. Sosh is also owner of Truly Gifted, a beautiful florist and gift shop in Lewisport featuring fresh flower arrangements and unique offerings by local artisans and vendors.

The mission of the small church they opened in 2000 is: “Come in out of the storm.” Monie said she is most passionate about ministering to others. She loves to minister at the church and to those who visit her shop, as well as to anyone God sends her way.

Saved at 11

“I got saved when I was 11,” she said. “The Lord called me into the ministry even then. I took my Bible to school every day. I’d sit on the bus and pray all the way to school and all the way back. It got where kids would come to me with their problems. I went to the old grade school in Hawesville through sixth grade because they hadn’t built the new high school yet.

I felt like the Lord gave me wisdom beyond my years to tell them things. It got to be a whole group of us having Bible studies. Some of the kids called me ‘Jesus Freak’ but that didn’t bother me; I call it a badge of honor.

Early Days and Women Ministers

The denomination I was involved with at that time, they didn’t believe in women ministers. We had a revival at our church when I was in my 20s and the pastor had all of the visiting pastors stand up and there were a couple of women in the group that stood up. The pastor acknowledged all of the men but he didn’t mention the 2 women.

They didn’t acknowledge that there should be women pastors or women ministers even. So I got to thinking that maybe it was wrong that I felt that calling and maybe I shouldn’t be doing that.
When I met Larry, he has a Pentecostal background, and all of the sudden here’s a denomination that welcomed women ministers. So I thought, ‘Wow, maybe I do have a calling.’ I became ordained and co-pastor with him now. It was kind of a long time coming as far as being officially called a minister.”

COVID and the Church

Monie said they had church online for awhile during the lockdown. “We had quite a few folks that didn’t go to our church that would watch the live on our Safe Harbor Christian Fellowship Facebook Page,” she said. “We did that until we could open back up. We’re building back up now, and getting close to what we had before.

We’re basically nondenominational. We get people from all backgrounds that come. We have a fellowship on Wednesday nights. We have a little meal and then mostly fellowship, music and just testimonies and that kind of thing. Sunday morning service starts at 10:30 a.m. We don’t have an adult Sunday school but we do have a kids’ Sunday school.

We still have a pretty good size band and it’s just individuals that love to play and love gospel music. We’ve got piano, mandolin, bass and acoustic guitar. We have one gentleman that plays the banjo occasionally. Every now and then we’ll have a visitor that will play the fiddle. I play the bass.

Most of the time I do the harmony with Larry. He has a really good voice and he can tear that piano up. We used to have a band called Heartfelt and went to lots of different churches. We won the talent contest at the HC Fair one year. That was fun.

We’re not a real formal church. We just try to do what the Holy Spirit wants us to do. We have a little bit of a format but if the Lord changes it then that’s no big deal.”
She said she has learned something over the last couple of years about declaring the Word of God. “I declare the Word of God out loud a lot of times,” Monie said, “I walk through and declare His Word through the store.

Truly Gifted

The building that we have our shop in, the part we’re in and the part 4-J’s Supply are in was totally gutted and redone. As Steve Woodward was working on it, we know him well and he’s a good Christian man, he said he would pray over it the whole time he was working.

Then we dedicated it to the Lord, and went in and anointed all the walls, and we said, ‘Lord, let your Holy Spirit come dwell here, that all who enter will feel your peace.’ In this chaotic world, people need a place they can go and feel at peace.”

Philippians 4:13 is her favorite scripture and has encouraged her the most, she said. “‘I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me,’ has always been kind of like my motto,” Monie said.
“Every time I would have to face something in trying to get the shop going and it seemed like a steep climb (in 2020), I would say that scripture because I knew we weren’t just going to be a store, that we were actually going to be a ministering outreach as well, and so I knew the Lord wanted us there.

“God is Good”

All of the different people we’ve gotten to minister with and pray over tells me I was right. Every time I start doubting, then the Lord sends somebody else in for me to minister to. God is good.”
She loves painting, sketching and crocheting. She said she mostly paints landscapes and also animal portraits. With commissioned artwork, the person brings her a very clear picture of their pet or a landscape and she paints from that.

It was her mother who first inspired her to paint. “My mom did the murals that are in the baptistry, fellowship hall and in one of the Sunday school classes (at Safe Harbor),” she said, “I guess that’s where I got my art talents from is my mom.”

Her parents are the late Georgia and Lindy Estes. “Mom worked as a housekeeper at the hospital and in some of the nursing homes. Dad retired from National Aluminum,” she said. “He was part of a duet called Ray & Lindy (Ray Wilson & Lindy Estes) back in the 50s and 60s.

They played at all of the fairs. They had a television show in Bowling Green for awhile, and they were on American Band Stand. They made several records. You can google: ‘Ray & Lindy’ and a bunch of their songs pop up so you can listen to them. They sounded almost exactly like the Everly Brothers.”

Family and Pets

Monie and Larry will be celebrating their 26th Wedding Anniversary on February 14th. They are blessed with 6 children altogether: Julie, April, Matthew, Becky, Chris and Melanie, as well as 18 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

They also have a few pets: 2 Yorkshire terriers, 3 cats and a rescued box turtle, named Louie.

Monie has an Associate’s in Business and a Bachelor’s in Human Resources and Organizational Management. She was ordained at the Gospel Tabernacle in Cannelton, Indiana. She serves on the Board of Directors as Secretary for Safe Harbor Christian Fellowship, as well as being Co-Pastor.

Her shop, Truly Gifted, is located at 8165 US Hwy 60 W, in downtown Lewisport. The hours are: Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-1, and the phone number is: (270) 295-3816. The email is:, and you can visit the FB Page at: Truly Gifted-Florist and Gift Shop.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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