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Complete Wellness Clinics joining Perry County Memorial Hospital Clinics on February 1

On Thursday, February 1st, the medical offices with Complete Wellness’s clinics will be joining with Perry County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) Clinics. It has been assured that patient care will not be interrupted during the transition, and that all patient information will remain with the current providers.

Continuing to See Patients

Megan Brockman, ARNP, will continue to see her patients at the new PCMH Clinic in Hawesville at the same location (35 Joshua Tree Lane). Dr. Adam Brockman, DC, ND, will continue to see his patients at Complete Wellness Tell City (602 Main St.) as well as at his chiropractic clinic in Hawesville.

Dr. Brockman has been operating the medical clinic as well as his chiropractic clinic in Hawesville, and as of February 1st, PCMH will be renting the medical clinic space from him. The providers at the clinic will stay the same. PCMH signage will be added to the building to let people know about the change.

PCMH Chief Executive Officer Jared Stimpson said, “It will be the same. Nothing is going to change. We’re just really excited to partner with Dr. Brockman and to provide health care services in Hancock County. The building that Complete Wellness is in is owned by Dr. Brockman. We are just purchasing the medical clinic business.”


After the transition in February, PCMH will have 5 medical clinic locations total. “We have the 13th Street Clinic in Tell City,” Stimpson said, “the Tell City Clinic (109 Indiana 66, Tell City), the Leopold Clinic (just north of TC in Leopold, IN), the Spencer County Clinic (in Rockport, IN), and then this will be our 5th clinic (in Hawesville). It’ll just be called the Hawesville Clinic.

We have a whole list of services that we offer. Pretty much everything that you could get in a large facility you can have done here (at PCMH). We did close our Labor & Delivery Unit on December 1st, so we don’t have onsite OB services. For cardiac, for instance, we have Dr. Behrens that comes several days a week to Tell City. He’s out of Evansville (Ascension St. Vincent Hospital).

We do have visiting physicians, and we’re adding services too, into 2024. We recently re-opened our Cardiac Rehab Unit, and we re-opened our ICU (Intensive Care Unit) so that we can keep patients here. We’re looking to, hopefully, expand some more opportunities in 2024 that’ll help keep patients here. It’s actually a very large critical access hospital, in terms of the services that we provide.”

Services Provided at PCMH

PCMH currently provides emergency services, home care services, general surgery, oncology, orthopedics, outpatient infusion, pediatrics, primary care, psychiatry & mental health, radiology, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and a wide range of rehabilitation services within speech, physical and occupational therapy, as well as a center for sleep disorders & pulmonary care, testing & laboratory, transitional care, and a wound care center. For a full list, please visit: and click on ‘View Our Services’ near the top of the homepage.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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