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Lewisport Christmas in the Park

The lighting of the Christmas tree captured the mood at the “Christmas In The Park” Friday night.

Gingerbread Houses & Family Fun!

Pam Bolen-Lee, organizer of the Gingerbread House Contest at the Annual Christmas in the Park event in Lewisport on Friday, December 1st said, “I’ve always been passionate about gingerbread houses. I just think it brings families together, especially with creating awesome works of art. I love to see the families come together, especially in the family category making their gingerbread houses. This year we had more boys than ever that were encouraged to make gingerbread houses.

Our gingerbread numbers were down this year versus last year but I was still pleased with all of the creativity and the love that went into each and every one of the projects. Some people really stuck with using cookies and cakes. A lot of people stuck with using lights and added on little things. A lot of them went with themes this year. We had 2 categories: a family category and a child category. There were 2 winners and a runner up.

Creative Christmas Activities

We have some fabulous creative people that have booths at Christmas in the Park. The weather is always challenging but it continues to go on. The City Manager, Jason Roberts, worked hard to keep it together and we appreciate that. It takes a manager over a city to want to bring those families out and keep it together. We appreciate the city working so hard and putting their city dollars into the project.

A lot of people visited the Hancock County Farm Museum this year (where the gingerbread houses are judged). That’s kind of a hidden secret in our community. It’s been there now for over 20 years. A lot of people don’t even know that we have it. I think they’re starting to have more open houses and having it open to the public. There is a lot of great history in there.”

by Jennifer Wimmer

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