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High-Speed Internet at Mount Eden Baptist Church

High-Speed Internet at Mount Eden Baptist Church


The partnership between Kenergy and Conexon Connect is bringing fiber broadband internet to rural areas in the region for the first time. The rollout began in the south of Hancock County in October and Mount Eden Baptist Church received their high-speed internet connection just a few weeks ago. Pastor Kenneth Stone said it has been a smooth changeover that is allowing their church to return to broadcasting their Sunday sermons live again.

“We love it,” Pastor Stone said. “In February, we got to where we were broadcasting our services and we noticed it wouldn’t go. Every time we tried to broadcast, it wouldn’t do it and I had people calling wondering why we’re not doing it anymore. Every Sunday it was like that. We have been chomping at the bit to get this Conexon.

They finally hooked us up and it is great. The guy came and pretty much spent the whole day wiring it in and getting it set up for us. He recommended a fast system and we got that so it was ready to go. From my office down to the basement underneath the building and then over in the fellowship hall, which is a separate building, we’ve got super speed up and down everywhere.

Now we will be able to resume our live broadcast at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings, which we haven’t been able to do since February. We’d love to invite everybody to come. It’s great to watch it over the internet but it’s much better live.”

Conexon Connect CEO Randy Klindt said, “We are proud to be the provider of choice for Mt. Eden Baptist Church. Like other foundational institutions, the church is benefiting from the sense of community and connection that Connect, powered by Kenergy enables. Stories like this are why we do what we do. We are grateful to play a role as the church finds new ways of reaching those it serves and look forward to working with others in the Kenergy area.”

Pastor Stone said that Hancock County Judge-Executive Johnny “Chic” Roberts is a member at Mt. Eden Baptist and has been instrumental in pushing to get the church connected with broadband internet. “I just appreciate his tenacity to stay on whoever to get it done because now that it’s finally here,” Pastor Stone said, “it just makes life better. There are so many things – just being able to download or upload things for announcements and stuff like that. Use to, if you’d try to add something to the website, oh my word, you’d sit there and wait for 30 minutes until it would finally upload, and now it’s just instantaneous. Chic is the one who’s really been behind the push for this. I have to give kudos to him for the hard work he’s done.

One thing I would say to everybody is to sign up because if you don’t sign up, they won’t know that you want it. Even if you have to wait a little while, it is definitely worth the wait.”

Sunday Morning Services at Mount Eden Baptist Church are at 10:00 a.m., and Sunday School is at 9:00 a.m. There is a Bible Study at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings for adults, and a Student Bible Study (for children and teens) on Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. There will also be a Children’s Christmas Musical on Christmas Eve this year, on Sunday, December 24th, at 10 a.m.

Mount Eden Baptist Church is located at 5150 Kentucky 69, Hawesville, Kentucky. To watch sermons live or to watch previously recorded sermons, go to the Mount Eden Baptist Church Facebook Page, or to their website:

For those of you who would like to get high-speed internet as soon as it is available in your area, below are tips for signing-up.


Sign-up on Website

All Kenergy members are encouraged to go to the website:, and select Kenergy as your electric co-op. Type in your name and address, and you will receive an estimated time of connection. Next, check the box with the services you think you’ll be interested in. There is no commitment to stick with the package you choose.

Get Help at Library or Sign-up by Phone

If you don’t have internet, the Hancock County Libraries’ crew will be happy to help you sign-up online. You can also call Conexon at 844-542-6663 to sign-up, and customer service representatives can answer any questions you have.


The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) offers a discount on broadband services to qualifying households. Check to see if you’re eligible by filling out an enrollment application on the Conexon Connect website (, or call Conexon Connect Customer Care at: 844-542-6663.

Stay Updated

Updates are posted on the Kenergy social media channel. Follow the Connect Powered by Kenergy Facebook Page for updates. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage on Kenergy’s website,, and there is an orange banner that reads: ‘Learn More and Check Availability’. Click on the banner and all of the Conexon information is there. Kenergy members also receive updates in newsletters that arrive with their monthly bill.

by Jennifer Wimmer

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