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Hancock County Schools Receive PBIS Award

Hancock County Schools Receive PBIS Award

Congratulations to South Hancock Elementary School for earning the Gold Fidelity Standard in Positive Behavior Interventions & Support (PBIS) State Recognition. SHES Principal Jennifer Howe proudly displays the banner.

It was announced at the Hancock County Board of Education meeting last Thursday evening, November 30th, that HC Schools have done an excellent job of implementing PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support). Banners were given to each of the principals to hang in the schools. Every year, they will add a sticker to the banner that shows they reached fidelity.

KDE PBIS 2023 State Fidelity Recognition

The Kentucky Department of Education Safe & Supportive Schools Branch allows districts and schools that are implementing and managing their PBIS program to achieve one of 3 categories of fidelity standards: gold, silver or bronze. Congratulations to South Hancock Elementary School for earning the gold! And, congratulations to all of the schools for earning this award! Hancock County Middle School, Hancock County High School and North Hancock Elementary School all earned the bronze. (To view the 2022/2023 PBIS State Recognition of Fidelity Standards for bronze, silver and gold, go to:

The PBIS Fidelity Banners and stickers signify each schools’ level of recognition, as well as digital emblems to post on the schools’ website. PBIS schools can join other schools across the state in being recognized for creating a school culture focused on positive behaviors. The goal of this program is to create positive, predictable, equitable and safe learning environments where everyone thrives, and is an evidence-based, tiered framework for supporting students’ behavioral, academic, social, emotional and mental health.

October Inspire Awards

“We had another great Inspire Award Day and I think it went really well,” Superintendent Robert Asberry said. The October Inspire Award Winners were: Shannon Case, Betty Jane Mitchell, Michelle Nevitt, Sonya Meador, Michelle Gregory, Denice Roach, Aimee Estes, Bob Daniels and Kari Mulzer.

NHES Playground Grand Opening

North Hancock Elementary School Principal Kelly Moore attended the meeting and said flyers were sent out to all of the donors and passport members who helped in getting the new playground and inviting them, the community and families to attend the Ribbon Cutting for the Grand Opening of the new NHES playground on Monday, December 4th, at 4 p.m. “This is an opportunity for everyone to see it and hopefully spend a little time out there before the weather turns off,” Moore said.

Field Trip Emergency Plan Procedures

The board approved the addition of a portable AED (Automated External Defibrillator) as part of the schools’ field trip emergency plan, which is used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. “Legislature, this last spring, passed some laws that deal with field trips and making sure that we have a portable AED,” Asberry said.

Final Site-Based Allocations Approved

“We do this every year,” Asberry said. “We give them a tentative – per student, how much money, and then we take the actual numbers once school has started. It is $140 per student for their site-based money, to help run each one of their schools. We give them $140 per student and we just estimate on how many students we think they’ll have and then this is approving the actual students that they end up having for this school year.”

Purchase of Maintenance Van Approved

The board approved the purchase of a new maintenance van. “The maintenance vans that we had in the past were 2003 maintenance vans,” Asberry said, “so we needed to get a new one.”

Treasurer’s Report

Trey Anderson reported, “The balance on-hand at the beginning of them month was $3,966,714.43. Receipts for the month were $711,668.70. Expenditures were $1,220,509.26. For a balance at close of $3,485,197.92.”

By Jennifer Wimmer

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