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Santa Sacks Giveaway; visit Hancock County Food Pantry

The wonderful Santa Sacks Christmas assistance giveaway is Thursday, December 21st.

In order to be included on the list for the food giveaway (if you’re not already signed-up through HC Schools or St. Vincent DePaul), please remember to visit the Hancock County Food Pantry in the month of November.

Julie Newton, Coordinator for Audubon Area Community Services and Director of the Hancock County Thrift Store & Food Pantry can answer any questions you have, and can be reached at 270-927-6500.


If you aren’t already a recipient of food boxes at the HC Food Pantry and would like to know if you are eligible, here are the income guidelines:

Household size of 1 – $18,954 (annual income), $1,580 (monthly income) and $365 (weekly income);

Household size of 2 – $25,636 (annual), $2,137 (monthly) and $493 (weekly);

Household size of 3 – $32,318 (annual), $2,694 (monthly) and $622 (weekly);

Household size of 4 – $39,000 (annual), $3,250 (monthly) and $750 (weekly);

Household size of 5 – $45,682 (annual), $3,807 (monthly) and $879 (weekly);

Household size of 6 – $52,364 (annual), $4,363 (monthly) and $ 1,007 (weekly);

Household size of 7 – $59,046 (annual), $4,921 (monthly) and $1,136 (weekly); and

Household size of 8 – $65,728 (annual), $5,478 (monthly) and $1,264 (weekly).

(For each additional household member add: $6,682 to annual, $557 to monthly and $129 to weekly.) Please contact Julie Newton at 270-927-6500 to sign-up if you are eligible.

Volunteer & Donation Opportunity

If you’re interested in donating or volunteering your help to Santa Sacks this year, please call Noel Quinn at: 270-929-2507, or Beth Payne at: 270-295-3494.

(NOTE: When donating, Santa Sacks is the food giveaway, Toys for Tots is just for the toy giveaway, and St. Vincent DePaul covers the shoes, socks, underwear & coats part of the giveaway.)

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