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Local artifacts displayed at 2nd annual Museum Open House

Museum volunteers Charlene Corley and Lisa Jarboe along with Museum Chairman Kelley Richardson welcomed guests at the Hancock County Museum’s open house Saturday. Patricia Engle at right.

The Christmas Open House at the Hancock County Museum was a success again this year. There was a good turnout of people enjoying the lovely Christmas decorations, music, refreshments and many displays.

The museum caboose was decked out with greenery and a beautiful Christmas tree, along with interesting local historical artifacts for patrons to view throughout.

Volunteer Lisa Jarboe said, “We had 70+ that signed in and we know some did not sign the register. We were fortunate to have Maryanne McNutt play Christmas music on her violin. She did a fantastic job.  We had people who came in and spent over an hour taking in all the museum had to offer. And it wasn’t just people from Hancock County that came, we had people from surrounding counties attend as well as a gentleman who came as far away as Alaska.

Nancy Roberts brought these 1930 Pellville School Bas- ketball Tournament trophies to the Hancock County Museum, and they are now on display. There are nu- merous very interesting displays at the museum.

We had a drawing for a framed print that was won by Connie Haycraft and a $25 prize drawing for kids 13 and under that went to a Miss Volocko.”

The Hancock County Museum is located at 110 River Street in Hawesville. To schedule a tour, send an email to: Or, you can send a direct message to the Hancock County Museum Facebook Page with your inquiries.

The museum’s usual schedule is: Sundays from 2-4 p.m. during the months of April through September. Check the FB Page for the 2024 schedule when it is posted next year.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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