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Hawesville receives donation for Christmas decorations


Mayor Rob McCormick was presented with a check by Mr. Brucy Pryor Tuesday evening at the Hawesville City Council meeting. The check was presented for Christmas decorations in downtown Hawesville.

The check was donated by Pryor ‘s aunt and uncle, Becky Powers Doyle and George Doyle, who generously donated $2K worth of gently used and new Christmas decorations.

Thanks to these very kind people, the streets of Hawesville will finally be lit up for Christmas this year! 

Hawesville residents have been wondering if there will be Christmas decorations in the City of Hawesville this year. For the last couple of years the City wasn’t decorated due to lack of funds for new decorations. Hawesville’s decorations at the City had been stored away and had deteriorated.

In 2022 the  Chamber of Commerce, individuals and other local businesses had pitched to help make Hawesville merry and bright.  Several businesses decorated their storefronts in Hawesville as well.

Hancock County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tina Snyder said that a local individual purchased a large 12-foot tree for display in front of the Administration Building.

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