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Hwy 60 Returns to 4-Lanes until spring


Yager Materials in Owensboro was contracted to widen Hwy 60 from just east of the entrance at Vastwood Park to 1957, and work started in mid-April of this year. Beginning Thursday, November 9th, traffic will return to a 4-lane and resume normal patterns until April 15th, 2024. On April 15th, Hwy 60 will go back to a 2-lane.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet shuts down from November 15th to April 15th due to the weather. “That’s why it’s going to be during that time frame,” Project Manager Estimator for Yager Materials Will Farmer said. “We’re not able to perform any roadway work during that time due to the temperature variances, because of how cold it will be. This job was set up so that at least through Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., we weren’t affecting traffic patterns for people.

There should be no delays or anything (between Nov. 9 & April 15). There will be some sporadic work throughout but it should not affect traffic patterns in any shape or form. You may expect a small lane closure at different spots throughout the project but not enough to affect times for people going to and from work or on the weekends, etc.

Area Operations Manager for Yager Materials, Albert Allen added, “We appreciate everyone’s patience while this is going on. We’re working in partnership with the state of Kentucky to try to improve the parkways there.”

By Jennifer Wimmer


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