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Hancock County classrooms honored with “Aspire “ awards

2023 Inspire Awards

Hancock County Schools’ staff members who received the new Inspire Award were recognized at the Hancock County Board of Education meeting on Thursday evening, October 26th.

Eleven of HC Schools’ staff members were recognized and celebrated for winning September Inspire Awards. They were: District-Amanda Garrison & Tina Baize, NHES-Lacey Mosby & Jessika Stinnett, SHES-Jamie Stephens & Fahlin Anderson, HCMS-Gabe VanCapellen & Katie Thomason, HCHS-Megan Kurz & Trevor Garrison, and HCAP-Kelly Cambron.

“September is the first month we’ve done this,” Hancock County Superintendent Robbie Asberry said. “It was started so that staff has a chance to recognize other staff members who inspire them. We’re going to be doing it monthly. We went to each classroom while they were there and surprised them with their students or at their office, depending on who it was. We had invited the family to come along with them. I feel like it went great. We were able to recognize a lot of staff members that are very positive and inspiring to other staff members.

We had a survey sent out to where staff members could nominate someone. We got all of those nominations in, we had the committee look at those and that’s how we selected them. Everyone that was not selected to get the Inspire Award received a letter stating who nominated them and the positive comments they had said about them.”

The principals all said the awards were well received and that it was nice to see the families there to help celebrate. Staff members were surprised and excited, and it made a very positive impact. HCHS Principal Ginger Estes said the cheerleaders helped out with celebrating the 2 staff members selected at the high school. “It was just a uniting of the whole school together to celebrate 2 staff members,” she said. “It was really lovely.”

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