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Lewisport pilot plant up and running for future water plant engineers say

The Lewisport Osmosis water pilot plant.

At the Lewisport City Council Meeting on Thursday, October 19th, Bryan Lovan and Matt Curtis, Co-Owners of Bluegrass Engineering, provided updates on projects including the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Pilot Plant Study that began in July to ensure optimal water quality for the city’s future water plant. Curtis and Lovan designed the pilot study, estimated at $175K.

“Basically, we’ve got everything running pretty good now,” Lovan said. “The last issue we had was the chemical card that was controlling our pumps. We got that replaced. I’d like to run it until right about the beginning of Thanksgiving. We may make one more change. At the end of November, everything will be out of the trailer. We’ll be finished and start working on the reports.”

Kudos to Public Works Crew

Curtis added, “Your all’s staff (Public Works) has done a phenomenal job on being attentive to this and we couldn’t do what we’ve done without you. You have a great staff that is eager to learn and has taken ownership of it. In order for this to be successful, that’s what you have to have, and you’ve got that with your staff.”

Projects Update

Curtis said the Frank Luttrell Water Main Extension Project is now complete. The extension provides an emergency connection with East Daviess County Water Assoc“The County Booster Station is going to get started the first part of November,” he said. “They’ve finally got all the materials in. They’re pre-assembling a bunch of their materials at their shop. They’re going to truck them in, and they’re anticipating one week for construction. Talking with R.J. (Simpson, Superintendent) and the crew, we’re going to be able to get that done through the daytime. We had anticipated doing it at night but we’re able to shut down now as we get into lower water usage.”

Approval to Bid Project

The council approved to bid the Morton Lane Lift Station Project. It is the main lift station that pumps onto the sewer plant and is in dire need of repair, Curtis said. “The majority of the funding on that project is coming from a Cleaner Water (KY Infrastructure Authority Cleaner Water Grant), and is $90K. We’ll take bids and then see where we’re at,” he added.

Police Report

Lewisport Police Officer Nick Jarboe reported back to the police academy on Sunday evening to finish up his training, after recovering from a leg injury he sustained in a training exercise. “I spoke to him a couple of times this week,” Lewisport Chief of Police Greg Linn said. “I like to use that phrase ‘arrow up’ so that’s where we’re at. After tomorrow, two-and-a-half more weeks (of training) and then we’re there. Other than that, everything is good.”

2nd Reading of Ordinances

City Attorney Charles Kamuf did a second reading of Code Enforcement Ordinance 23-06, that the council had approved an amendment to in September. A second reading of Ordinance 23-07 was also done, which levies ad valorem taxes for municipal purposes for the fiscal year (7-1-2023 through 6-20-2024) to .198 cents per $100 assessed valuation of real property subject to taxation within the city.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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