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HCHS Band to compete in state semi-finals this Saturday


The Hancock County High School Hornet Marching Band competed at the State Regional Competi- tion, Saturday, October 21st in Bowling Green at Warren East High School, and won Second Place in Class 2A!

Semi-Finals and Finals

On Saturday, October 28th the Hornet Marching Band will compete at Semi-Finals at Warren East High School. How they perform that day will deter- mine if they will compete that same evening in the Championship Competition at Western Kentucky University. “There are 12 bands competing at Semi- Finals in the morning to early afternoon; six bands from the east and six bands from the west that moved on this past weekend,” Band Director Zach Buskill said. “We perform #8 out of 12, which is a good draw. We perform at 12 p.m. (noon) at Warren East. From there, the top 6 move on to the Finals Performance that evening at WKU.”

The Send-Off

“We’ll be leaving early Saturday morning (Oct. 28th). Usually we get an escort out, which I think we’ll be able to do again this time. This time, we are going to Bowling Green, so we’ll be going through Lewisport. The Band parents make signs and as we exit the parking lot of the school, they usually are there with signs.

I’m still making out our schedule for that morning, and I know it’s going to be an early morning for us heading out, because we’re not leaving the night before. I’m not sure how much of a send-off we’ll have this year, compared to the last 2 years where we had headed-out the day before on a Friday.”

“We did well. We got second place in our west region, which is good. We’re in a good spot,” HCHS Band Director Zach Buskill said. “We played the whole show. It was the first time we performed the entire show in a performance environment. Fortunately, we got to perform at night. We went on at 8:15 p.m., which is really neat. I feel like our show really presents better at night because we use some lighting, and just the colors of all of the different prints, and the different props that we use – it’s a lot more of an effect at night versus the day.

Saturday it was very windy but, fortunately for us, the wind wasn’t too bad. A lot of bands that per- formed earlier in the day, had issues with props being caught in the wind. Usually at night it’s cold this time of year, which presents challenges especially to the students playing wind instruments. It was probably in the low 60s, so it really wasn’t too bad. And, it looks like from here on out, the temperature is going to be somewhat warm, which is good.

The kids are doing really well. They’re excited because at this point in the season, this is where you’re kind of reaching and you hope that you start to reach your ceiling. I feel like we’re doing that in a lot of ways. The kids are performing well, and they are proud of their show; That’s what the most important thing is. This is one of the most exciting times of the year for that reason, and also for the other competitive aspects of it.”

Community Support

“We had a lot of support,” he said, “and really all year, the parents always do a great job of showing up and cheering, supporting, and doing chants as we set-up on the field. We had a lot of people from the community that came up and congratulated us on a great performance. We definitely had a good crowd there on Saturday, and I feel like it has been that way all year, which is awesome.”

By Jennifer Wimmer

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