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Concession Stand Construction at South Hancock Park Underway

Hancock County Fiscal Court approved the construction of a new concession stand at South Hancock Park. GN Excavation has almost completed construction of the new building. Johnson Plumbing and Jesse Boling Electrical were contracted for the plumbing and electrical work. The new, sturdier, bigger facility has been needed for years.


The construction is underway of a new, much-need concession stand at South Hancock Park. The Hancock County Fiscal Court approved GN Excavating’s low bid of $77,745, which includes raising the elevation, the concrete work and construction of the building.

Johnson Plumbing’s bid of $14,450 was also approved, as well as Jesse Boling Electrical’s bid of $5,182. The entire project total is $97,377.

“We had some drainage issues around the concession stand,” Judge Johnny “Chic” Roberts said. “We’ve raised the elevation to try to mitigate that. We tore the whole concession stand completely down and rebuilt it. We raised it up and made the bathrooms a little bit bigger. The building is bigger as well. The building will be entirely new.

We don’t have a projected date for completion, but it shouldn’t be long. The building itself, the shell is up and I don’t expect it to be that long. Hopefully before cold weather they can finish that and be able to use that facility. It’s been needed for awhile out there. I think it’ll be a good thing.”

By Jennifer Wimmer

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