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Breakthrough for Road Assistance; Domtar donates $15K to Hawesville VFD

Hawesville City Clerk Lora Basham completed the Level 1 Achievement in City Governance through the City Officials Training Center. Seen here (l to r) are: City Admin. Jake Powers, Mayor Rob

The Hawesville City Council met on Tuesday evening, October 3rd. Hawesville City Clerk Lora Basham was congratulated on completing the Level 1 – Achievement in City Governance via KY League of Cities City Officials Training Center. She completed 58 hours of approved courses and 2 hours of ethics.

Breakthrough for Road Assistance

Hawesville Mayor Rob McCormick announced, “Matt (Curtis, Co-owner of Bluegrass Engineering) and I have been in conversation with Deneatra Henderson (KY Transportation Cabinet Chief District Engineer, District 2). I did reach out to our representative, Mr. Lewis (Rep. Derek Lewis).

We were working off that 1974 road contract with the state and that covered nothing. It was so wide open it was pathetic. Our attorney, myself, Jake (Powers, City Admin.), and our superintendent sat down with Henderson and she decided right off the bat, she felt like we were over-stepping our boundary. She is now back on our side. She sent us a very nice (what we’ve been asking for 3 months) map showing what the state will take care of within our city limits to the state roads.

They finally came back to us today and gave us the map so probably tomorrow or Friday, I want to walk Main Street with our state supervisor and I want to make sure that he and I are on the same page with this map before we sign off on saying, ‘Yes, we accept this new contract.’ I think we’ve made GREAT progress there because her response today on delivering that – she was very welcoming to us and wanted to work with us. That’s what Matt and I have been discussing. I feel like within the next week, we can move forward possibly with that once I meet with the state superintendent and get a definite.”

City Attorney Jamie Stephens added, “I think that we can get them a draft that is appropriate.” McCormick said there are also other things “in the works” right now as well, but that it’s too early in the process to discuss those just yet.

Hawesville Fire Dept.

“The fire department received their new truck,” McCormick said. “Take a look at it, and if you see anybody from Domtar – thank them, because they donated $15K towards that truck. Make sure and recognize those great folks that’ve helped out in our community for our safety.”

General Fund

“These are on our checking accounts and CDs also,” McCormick stated. “Our checking accounts are drawing right now, 3.2 percent interest. We’re doing well on them; we’re actually gaining.” The interest has been transferred to the City’s General Fund, and council members reviewed those numbers before approval was made.

Ordinance 8-23

There was a second reading of Ordinance 8-23, with amended changes re-read by council members. The changes made under that amendment are: Storm Water Fee to Infrastructure, Rebuild and Repair. There was a date change as well that ensures all rate changes will take effect at the beginning of each fiscal year, moving forward. All it is,” McCormick explained, “is what we voted on last month to change the one line item.” (This ordinance was detailed in the Sept. 21 Clarion edition.)

Moving Forward

McCormick offered a closing statement: “We’re here as a government, as a city council, as a mayor, and all of us to move forward and progress forward. That’s what I ran for. I feel like we are making steps in that direction. I would appreciate all of us- we know that things happened in the past, but we don’t need to keep referring back to that.

If we worry about the past, we’re not moving forward. We have got to concentrate on continuing to move forward. We fix and maybe correct things that past administrations have done that we need to learn from.

Everybody knows what’s happened; they realize we’re behind on audits. We had a starting point. Was it difficult? Yes. What you have done in passing the increases is tremendous. You all have done a great job and I want to thank you for that. It’s time to focus on: The City is moving forward. It’s time to put it all behind us and keep moving forward.”

By Jennifer Wimmer

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