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Healthy Habits; Juniper Berries



Juniper trees/shrubs are coniferous evergreens in the cypress family, and the dark blue/purple berries they produce are a healing tonic, such as for promoting kidney & liver health and much more. They can be purchased in a freeze-dried powder form, capsules, tinctures and essential oil, and their healing qualities can be received internally, topically or aromatically.

Here are some of the many possible health benefits of juniper berries:

  • boosts the immune system
  • purifies the blood
  • anti-inflammatory
  • improves circulation
  • helps remove toxins
  • natural anti-depressant
  • relieves fatigue
  • antioxidant
  • antidiabetic
  • diuretic
  • improves heart health
  • heals & protects the skin
  • reduces cellulite
  • strengthens hair
  • relieves bloating
  • antibacterial
  • antiseptic
  • relieves cramps
  • cures toothaches & strengthens gums
  • helps relieve tension & stress
  • antispasmodic
  • promotes optimal digestion
  • supports healthy cognitive function
  • astringent and fights arthritis/antirheumatic

One drop of therapeutic-grade, organic juniper berry essential oil can be diluted in 4 ounces of filtered water and drank daily for supporting kidney health. I recommend essential oils, because they are the most potent extract. However, they should not be used continuously.

Just like herbal supplements, it is necessary to take breaks in between. Also, always do your research and/or check with your health practitioner first.

Three or four drops of juniper berry essential oil in your diffuser yields a fresh scent that elevates the mood and helps reduce stress. A few drops of this oil combined with a carrier oil, such as unrefined, organic coconut oil, makes an excellent skin moisturizer/toner for the face. One drop on the bottoms of your feet before bedtime will help with a restful sleep.

Be Well and God Bless You.

Jennifer Wimmer

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