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Lewisport to begin enforcing warnings/ fines for unsightly property in the town

The Lewisport City Council Meeting was held on Thursday evening, June 15th. There was a second reading of Ordinance 23-03, along with the approval of 2 Board of Ethics members and a Public Works report.

Code Enforcement Board
In the Clarion’s coverage of May’s meeting was a brief summary of Ordinance 23-03 read by City
Attorney Charles Kamuf, which (after the readings) establishes a 3-member City of Lewisport Code
Enforcement Board made up of city residents, acting under the authority of the Local Government Code
Enforcement Board and a Code Enforcement Officer (such as a city police officer).

The intent of KRS 65.8801 to 65.8839 is to protect, promote and improve the health, safety and welfare of
citizens living within the City of Lewisport by creating an administrative board with authority to issue
remedial orders and impose fines in order to provide an equitable, expeditious, effective and inexpensive
method of ensuring compliance with the ordinances.

Enforcement Board members will be appointed by the executive authority of the city, subject to the
approval of the legislative body and cannot hold any elected or nonelected office, paid of unpaid, or any
position of employment with the city.

Notice of Violation

A Notice of Violation will be issued by the Code Enforcement Officer who believes, based on personal
observation or investigation, that a violation has occurred. The notice will allow a specified period of time
to remedy the violation without incurring a fine. If the violator fails to remedy it within that time, a citation
will be issued and that person may pay the civil fine or contest the citation within 7 days. If not done within
the 7-day period, they will have waived their right to a hearing before the Code Enforcement Board to
contest the citation.

When a fine has been contested, the Code Enforcement Board will schedule a hearing which is open to
the public and will be held on the second Thursday of every month. An appeal from a final order, following
a hearing, may be made to the Hancock County District Court within 30 days of the date the order is issued.
If no appeal is filed within 30 days, the Board’s order will be final for all purposes.

Violations of ordinances will be subject to this schedule of civil fines: $200 for 1st offense of unfit/unsafe
structure, garbage/rubbish and junked, wrecked or inoperative vehicle, machine, scrap or salvage; $300 for
2nd offense & $400 for all others. $150 for 1st offense of weeds/grass, $300 for 2nd and $400 all others.
$250 for 1st offense of junked, wrecked or inoperative mobile or manufactured home, $400 for 2nd and
$600 all others.

If the citation is contested and a hearing before the Board is required, there are maximum penalties that
may be imposed, such as $400 for the 1st offense of unfit/unsafe structure, garbage/rubbish, junked,
wrecked or inoperative vehicle, machine, scrap or salvage and junked, wrecked or inoperative mobile or manufactured home, and so forth. To read the full 12-page ordinance, please email, call or visit Lewisport City Hall.

Board of Ethics
Two Board of Ethics members were approved: Veronica Taylor, of Hancock Community Kitties, and
Pastor Bridgette Hutchinson, of Lewisport United Methodist Church.

Public Works Report

All 10,000 feet of the new gas main put in on the highway is back online and all customers are back in
service. Ernie Davis is almost finished with the emergency tie-in at North Hancock Elementary School. The
meter had to be relocated before that was finished. Several gas and water services have been installed. The
city has hired summer help, and they’ve been edging, weed eating and painting.

Public Works received the mini-excavator they ordered and its being well-used. They put 2,000-feet of
main in on Lambert Schoolhouse Road, and as of last week, only lacked about 300-feet of having that
completed. They got started on the new water main on section one off Hwy 60. They got the piece in for the
state road project, and they’re waiting to start on section two.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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