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Hancock County Accident Report; Toyota Camry slides into home

   On Tuesday, May 27th Hancock County Sheriff Department was notified at 10:34 p.m. of a car accident in Lewisport. Sheriff Dale Bozarth reported that Adler Baxter, of Lewisport, was driving about 50 mph, northbound on Sand Hill Road. The headlights on his Toyota Camry were dim, and the roadway was not well lit. Baxter stated that when he approached the intersection of Sand Hill & Lee Henderson Road, he went straight between both roads and slid sideways across wet grass and struck Roger & Debbie Morris’s house.

   “It’s just one of those things,” Debbie said. “He was unfamiliar with the road a little bit, and we’ve got the 2 curves coming here and they got up on that 2nd one and came up in the yard and ended up coming all the way in the house. Roger was in the living room and I was in the family room. Everybody is fine. Nobody was harmed, and that was the main thing. The driver was really upset. We’re friends. Accidents are accidents. I told them we can replace the house, but we cannot replace you.”

   Baxter’s car entered through the bedroom wall and stopped in the foyer. It damaged a bedroom, the foyer and a wall in the living room. Insurance will pay for the repairs, she said. The area is boarded-up, and they’ll be able to stay in their house while it’s being repaired. They said they’re just happy no one was injured. “The driver went and got checked out and everything checked out great,” she said. “We were really happy about that.”

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