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Lewisport man beaten; left laying on pavement motionless

Justin Michael Powell, Arrested and Charged

On Sunday night, April 9th, Easter Sunday, Karl Lynn Kreisle (50), of Lewisport, was assaulted at a residence on Riverview Drive in Lewisport during a gathering. Justin Michael-Addison Powell (35), of Tallahassee, Florida, physically assaulted Kreisle causing a serious head injury.

Powell was arrested by warrant on Thursday, May 11th, and charged with Wanton Endangerment, 1st Degree, and Assault, 2nd degree. He is being detained at Breckinridge County Detention Center. The investigation is still ongoing. While the investigation continues, Powell admitted to striking Kreisle, and it is believed that his actions subsequently attributed to the seriousness of Mr. Kreisle’s injuries.

Lewisport Police Chief Greg Linn reported that when Powell struck Kreisle’s head and face, it caused serious injury, and at least 5 witnesses stated that the assault caused him to fall to the pavement. Witnesses said Powell had complete indifference for Kreisle’s life, leaving him to lie on the pavement motionless. No one on-scene contacted the police or an ambulance for his assistance or treatment. No one attempted to assist him, accept for contacting his children.

Kreisle was loaded into a vehicle driven by his son, Tyler, with assistance of his son’s friend who came to the residence with him. They took him home, and then his wife later took him to Owensboro Regional Health Hospital. According to hospital personnel, Mr. Kreisle had head trauma with a subdural hematoma. He was placed on a respirator temporarily, to keep him breathing. He was admitted into the ICU, where he received emergency surgery. His long-term prognosis is unknown at this time. He is home now, in recovery and receiving physical therapy.

Powell’s arraignment was Tuesday morning, May 16th, at Hancock County District Court. The preliminary hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, June 20th. His bond was set at $20,000.

By Jennifer Wimmer


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