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Chuck Duncan, Hawesville resident, enduring foot amputation as result from 2021 wreck

Chuck Duncan and granddaughter Brooklyn Conkright


You may remember reading in the Clarion about the many challenges the Duncan family has faced since the wreck they had on October 14th, 2021. Chucky & Joann Duncan and their granddaughter, Brooklyn Conkright, were seriously injured when their truck was rear-ended, just west of the intersection with State Route 69 and US 60 in Hawesville.

Foot amputation surgery

Chucky is having his foot amputated on Wednesday, May 24th. After 5 surgeries, and 41 antibiotic treatments, the bone in his ankle is dead. “Right now,” Joann said, “he needs his friends and family to help him get through this – a visit, a ride through the country, a short fishing trip, or something to keep his mind off what he is facing.”

Charles is retired after 32 years at American Olean, and has been an avid hunter and trapper for many years, a skill he taught Brooklyn. He is a cancer survivor, and that battle took most of his retirement savings. After a complete recovery from cancer, the wreck happened. His plans for his later years have been massively thwarted, which is not an easy reality to face.

Joann & Chucky have been married 50 years. Brooklyn graduated from HCHS last year, and spends a lot of time with them. All three endured surgeries after the accident, and are still recovering. They were just out getting fall decorations that day when the wreck happened. Their lives are completely different now.

Their phone number is 270-702-8557. Reach out and offer some support to help Chucky take his mind off of what he is facing next week. Please pray for him and his family.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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