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Hancock County Fiscal Court renews health insurance; rubber-modified asphalt grant

Hancock County Fiscal Court Meeting Minutes

On Monday, April 24th, the Hancock County Fiscal Court held a second meeting for the month of April.

Health Insurance Renewed

It was approved by the court to renew the existing health insurance. “We had a 7.84 percent increase, which was pretty modest,” Judge/Executive Johnny Roberts said. “It’s about $48K a year difference. The County’s cost is $663,594. It’s my recommendation that we stay with that renewal. It’s standard.”

Rubber-Modified Asphalt Grant

“We’ve had this RMA grant since 2017,” Roberts said. “We are going to try to apply for this. I don’t know if we’ll get it in time (to help with building the road), since we’ve had it from 6 years ago. It doesn’t hurt to send it up, and see what we can get.”

Fire Chief’s Report

Hawesville Fire Chief Shane Richards said, “I talked to Judge Roberts last week, to inform him that one of our County fire trucks at Hawesville is broken down right now. It’s actually at Sternberg Automotive in Evansville getting looked at. The first in-house diagnosis was that it might’ve dropped an injector. It should go into service this Friday (April 28th). They said it was going to be 2 weeks from the time we took it over there, but if they had it on-hand, they could get it quicker, possibly. We haven’t gotten a report back from them yet.

The reason I wanted to make you (fiscal court) aware of it, in the time we’ve had it in the shop, our squad truck went down last week, and we’re still out a brush truck. So, we’ve had 3 units down at one time. The squad truck is back up in-service now. We’re still working on trying to get our brush truck replaced. Once we figure out what is wrong with the engine, there is a possibility we may need some assistance on that one. Once we get that diagnosis, we’ll get it to the judge. Hopefully, we can get something taken care of.”
Sirens in Pellville

Magistrate (District 4) Gary Baker said that the sirens around the Pellville area have not been working properly. The approval was made to hire someone to check those and make repairs accordingly.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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