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Owensboro’s Willow & Pine Market expands into women’s apparel and jewelry


Ann Higgins, owner of Willow & Pine Market, 126 W 2nd St, Owensboro, Kentucky 42303

Willow & Pine Market began with concept of table top, but Higgins has now added women’s linen apparel, block print designs, jewelry and tote bags.

When you come in the store, I want this to be an experience, says store owner, Anne Higgins 

Her desire is to bring joy to people’s lives; curating beautiful things for your table, home and personal apparel. “It’s not about any particular style, what’s trending, or how much money you spend,” she said; it’s about finding what makes your heart sing and brings you joy every time you bring it out!”

Dinnerware and serving pieces bring people together.

Higgins always loved dishes (like her mother and grandmother) and dreamed of having a “dish boutique” for a long time; she just never really saw herself having the courage to take the leap of faith. ”But the idea had taken hold of my heart so much, I decided to honor my parents’ legacy by in Curating Beautiful Things vesting in my dream,” said Higgins.

“We all have memories of those sentimental pieces, passed down from our parents and grandparents that we cherish and love; a serving platter or a beautiful bowl. They connect us with each other through the generations.”

“Dishes are the backdrop, or silent bystanders of every gathering with friends and family, “says Higgins. “This is why we feel such an emotional connection to certain pieces and why we treasure them.”

Family; the heart of everything.

“My memories of holidays and celebrations spent as a child, as well as countless meals shared around our (very large) kitchen table were my inspiration for Willow and Pine Market,” she said. This has been a family affair from the beginning.

Her husband, Sean, has helped in many ways…from writing her business plan to assembling display fixtures. All of her children work in the store from time to time…helping unpack inventory, wrapping gifts, and updating the website.

Higgins opened the store with pottery and ceramics from places she traveled in Europe, and brands that were mostly Euro-
pean and unique to Owensboro. “I like to offer brands that have a story. I have these beautiful, Fair Trade, hand-woven baskets from Bolgatanga, Ghana and candles that are made in my hometown in Kansas” said Higgins. “I also have hand-painted ceramics from Nove, Italy from a pottery shop I visited while we were living in Europe.”

Newly added; unique jewelry, apparel and tote bags.

In addition to Higgins’ specialty table top pieces, she’s now added beautiful jewelry, apparel and fun tote bags. Higgins says she gets most of her inspiration from social media influencers, who share her passion. She also listens to her customers, asking for their feedback, and buys things that spark joy.  “Most of the time, if I love something, my customers do too.”

Willow & Pine Market is located at 126 West 2nd Street • on the corner of 2nd & St. Ann, Owensboro, Kentucky. 270-478-1022

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