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Hancock County Middle School; places first in multiple academics for KAAC Governor’s Cup

Hancock County Middle School Academic Team: Back left: Henry Proctor, Noah Johnson, Jameson Domerese, Kaehlor Ingle, Cameron Walker MIddle Left row: Uziel Munguia, Miles Price, Isabella Pierrard, Jaedan Frankenberger
Front left: Levi Dixon, Emmitt Meserve and Kolt Brust-Kline


On January 10 & 14, 2023 Hancock County Middle School participated in the KAAC Governor’s Cup. Governor’s Cup (Kentucky’s Premiere Academic Competition) encourages depth and breadth of academic knowledge, cultural literacy, teamwork, leadership, creativity, risk assessment, and critical thinking, and provides the fun that comes with being part of a team.

Hancock County Middle School is part of District 12 along with Breckinridge Middle School, Cloverport Middle School and St. Romuald School. Hancock County Middle School’s Future Problem Team placed 1st, St. Romuald 2nd and Breckinridge Middle School 3rd. On the HCMS Future Problem Solving Team: Noah Johnson (8th grade), Jameson Domerese (8th grade), Miles Price (7th grade), and Kaehlor Ingle (6th grade).

Hancock County Middle School FPS Team
Back Left: Jameson Domerese and Noah Johnson
Front Left: Miles Price and Kaehlor Ingle

Hancock County Middle also placed 1st in Quick Recall, St. Romuald placed 2nd and Breckinridge 3rd.

On the HCMS Quick Recall Team: Emmitt Meserve (captain 7th grade), Henry Proctor (7th grade), Isabella Pierrard (7th grade), Kolt Brust-Kline (6th grade), Levi Dixon (7th grade), Miles Price (7th grade), Jaedan Frankenberger (8th grade) and Uziel Mungia (7th grade)

In written assessment Emmit Meserve placed 1st in math and 2nd in science,  Kolt-Brust-Kline placed 4th in math,

Chance Payne placed 4th in science and 2nd in social studies, Miles Price placed 5th in social studies, Jameson Domerese placed 4th in language arts, and Isabella Pierrard placed 3rd in arts and humanities.

In written composition Cameron Walker (7th grade) placed 7th and Isabella Pierrard placed 9th.

Overall Standing: St. Romuald School 1st, Hancock County 2nd, Breckinridge Middle School 3rd and Cloverport Middle School placed 4th.

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