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Walking benefits


Did you know that walking for only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week can halve your odds of getting sick?

It greatly improves your immune system, along with easing anxiety & stress, alleviating depression and improving your general mood. When you’re happier, your relationships are healthier. Walking can also boost your self-esteem, and it’s free!

Here are some of the many possible health benefits of walking regularly:

  • improves balance/can prevent falls
  • strengthens the leg muscles
  • builds bone mass/reduces risk of osteoporosis
  • promotes mental clarity
  • curbs anger
  • increases energy/battles fatigue
  • boosts endorphins
  • improves circulation
  • anti-aging
  • tones muscles
  • strengthens joints
  • lowers the risk of blood clots
  • engages abdominal muscles
  • strengthens arm & shoulder muscles
  • helps with weight loss & weight management

Studies show that people who walk regularly have a reduced risk of: heart disease, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, breast cancer, colon cancer, glaucoma and dementia.

Walking is shown in studies to limit colon cancer in women by 31%. And, if you walk regularly over a 5 year period of time, you will have halved your risk of Alzheimer’s.

You’ll want a good pair of walking shoes and those aren’t cheap! So walking isn’t exactly “free” but you don’t need a gym membership. There are an abundance of places to go and walk for free, indoor and outdoor.

When you walk indoors, you can go no matter the weather and won’t need other special items like rain gear. If you walk outdoors, especially at night, always wear light clothing with some reflective pieces for visibility to vehicles.

If you’re just starting out, walk ten minutes a day at first. Or, go ahead and do the 30 minutes, but break it up into three 10-minute intervals. There are studies that show if you walk in intervals after meals, it can be even more effective than walking for 30-60 minutes all at once.

Be Well and God Bless You.

Jennifer Wimmer

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