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School Board names members of Planning Committee

The Hancock County Board of Education monthly meeting was held at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, November 21 at the Hancock County High School. The Eighth Grade Football team, who won the Conference Championship was recognized. This was Hancock County Middle School’s third straight Conference Championship and undefeated season they’ve had! The HCHS Cross Country team members who qualified for State last month were also recognized. Congratulations students and coaches!

Monies for Tech Upgrades

The Kentucky Education Technology Systems (KETS) offer of assistance was approved and those monies for technologies from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Superintendent Robby Asberry said, will be used to help out with staff computers, the ProBooks and iPads that the students use, along with the total network and upgrades on the schools’ technology.

Working Budget Approved

School Board members approved the Working Budget, as they do every year, for the schools’ day-to-day operations budget.

Farm Lease Approved

The Farm Lease was also approved. The land purchased next to Hancock County Middle School is leased to local farmer David Wenchell. It was approved by the Board to continue that lease. “It’s going to be the same lease as we had last year,” Asberry said.

Approval of LED Lighting for HCHS Gym

The approval was made to purchase new LED lighting for the Hancock County High School gymnasium. “We’ve done all those other upgrades and the thing about LED lighting – it lasts longer and is more energy efficient,” Asberry said. “It almost pays for itself. So we’re going to put it in the HCHS gym.”

Member for Local Planning Committee Approved

A community member was nominated for the Local Planning Committee – composed of members of the community, members of the schools’ staff and parents, who together make decisions such as about the new HCMS facility plan. The individual from the community who was nominated for this seat was

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