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Complete Wellness; Nation’s Best and Brightest 5 years in a row

“Nation’s Best & Brightest” for 5 years in a row, Complete Wellness, Inc. started by Dr. Adam Brockman, offers a “one-stop-shop” for medical, chiropractic, therapy, and aesthetics.

Dr. Brockman has over 15 years of Chiropractic and Sports Medicine experience, and Complete Wellness provides short-term plans to alleviate immediate pain as well as long-term care plans, and plans for the entire family – from newborns to seniors, as well as maternity care. There are now 5 locations: Hawesville, Tell City, Hartford, Evansville, and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Their child-friendly office is convenient for the busiest people. Their quick services can take as little as 10-15 minutes, so you can easily fit the appointment into your schedule.
Complwete Wellness offers excellent treatments for back, neck & joint pain, headaches, sports & work related injuries, infant colic, gastrointestinal (GI), and more.
They also offer: hydromassage, therapeutic pillows, Dr. Brockman’s special pain relieving creams, massage therapy, orthopedic braces, orthotic shoe inserts, diagnostic Xray, ultrasound, a full service lab, IV Therapy, Botox, laser hair removal, and their own line of supplements.

Dr. Brockman is a 2000 graduate of Hancock County High School. He studied Sports Medicine with a concentration in Human Performance & Exercise Science at University of Louisville, and worked with Division 1 athletes on the football and basketball teams .
He earned his Bachelor’s of Science, and went on to complete his internship at California State University, Northridge, working with rehabilitating disabled patients.

Brockman earned his Doctor of Chiropractic at Logan University, in St. Louis, MO., and had the opportunity to practice Sports Medicine in assisting the St. Louis Rams. His final residency programs consisted of a wide range of programs, from Radiology to Family Care in the St. Louis area.
He moved back to Hawesville in 2008, and started Complete Wellness practice later that year. He additionally earned his second Doctorate in Natural Medicine online from National University of Health Sciences, affiliated with Northwestern Health Sciences University, based in Chicago. His wife, Megan Brockman, is the Nurse Practitioner at Complete Wellness in Hawesville. They are blessed with 6 children.

“Our goal is to have something for everyone,” Dr. Brockman said. “We do anything from Family Medicine to Physical Medicine, and Regenerative Medicine – which a lot of the protocols we use for that are unique to us.We have walk-in hours for Family Medicine.
Since we live in a rural area, we try to have as much as we can right here in Hawesville, almost like an all-in-one type of facility. We concentrate on medical, chiropractic, or physical medicine, and also natural medicine.”

The large spectrum of services they offer at the Hawesville clinic saves patients from having to go to several different locations for their different medical needs.   “As far as the Regenerative Medicine, on a national level, we are really paving the way,” he said. “We do 3 different types of injection in the office.

One is a therapy where we mix the medicine here. Another one is where we draw a little of the patient’s blood, and then take all of the growth factors out and inject it back in that joint – it gets a great result. And we even do some things with stem cells.
The stem cells are harvested in 2 different ways – some come from the patient directly, and some are from labs, from mothers with healthy pregnancies who donated their cord blood. Those stem cells are used for joint regeneration, and for cancer patients as well. If a patient needs a specialist, that’s something we can arrange,” he said.

Their natural medicine programs are individualized. “It depends on the patient and what they want to get out of the treatment,” he said. “Anyone that’s interested in natural medicine, we have them fill out a questionnaire to get a baseline on what direction we need to go with that.
If someone comes in and just wants to grab a few things for their GI, for instance, we will recommend our probiotic or our enzymes.
If there is a common thing we’re looking to accomplish, such as heart health, I will try to get 2 or 3 supplements combined into one.
It’s cost-effective. Also, if a patient has to take 10 different supplements or medications, it usually sets them up for failure. If we have 1-3 different supplements that they’ll take, we’ll have a lot more success with that.”

They began their supplement line when he developed his own pain creams.
“That’s what got us going as far as into supplements,” he said. “Mainly, because there weren’t a lot of good products out there. We’re looking to have a higher quality product with better results.”
Dr. Brockman offers 3 different pain creams: one with lidocaine, one with CBD, and one that’s menthol-based.
For those already on medications, who would like to try some of the natural supplements – “Most of the supplements are fine to take with other medications,” he said. “We definitely do a good cross-check on medications that patients are already taking to make sure that the supplements we give them are safe for them to take.”
  Their IV Nutrient Therapy is completely natural. “We call one of them a “Wellness Blend” that is an all-in-one,” he said. “We also have an “Energy Blend,” a Migraine one for headaches, and an immune system blend.
IV Therapy is a great avenue for boosting your immune system, giving you more energy, and even increasing your overall wellness if you feel pretty healthy.”
The IV Therapies are very potent nutrient blends with vitamins and minerals. “We can even tweak it, for instance if the patient asks for AD plus, we can put those into the blend as well. We have a menu of options for the patient to choose from,” he said.
Some of their supplements contain effective nervine herbs like valerian root, such as in their natural muscle relaxer. “That blend is calcium, magnesium, and valerian root,” he said, “It is a great natural muscle relaxer.”

They also offer specific programs. For instance, if a patient chose Naturopathy, the team can narrow-in and offer even more herbs on a special order basis.
Their massage therapist, Collette Cunningham, has been with Complete Wellness for 10 years. “She often uses essential oils quite with massage. And we do have the essential oils available for purchase – we use DoTERRA and NOW Brands,” said Brockman.
Their Nurse Practitioner in the Tell City location, Sam Polk, sees a lot of Hancock County patients.  “She sees primarily Family Medicine patients. A lot of the patients that come to see me trust both Sam and Megan with their health,” he said. The Tell City clinic is located on 602 Main Street
Dr. Brockman works in the Hawesville location 3 days a week, and the Tell City location 2 days a week. The Hawesville location is at 35 Joshua Lane.
The Evansville location is set up mainly for regenerative medicine injections. He and Megan go there and administer those.

They have a unique model of care, and he has helped several others open practices along the way that are somewhat based on their model.
“My main objective with what we’re doing is transitioning how healthcare is viewed,” he said. “We want to be able to take care of somebody when they are sick or in pain, but we also want to allow them to live a healthy lifestyle. I don’t think that’s been a big focus of healthcare.”

Their overall focus is to get the patient healthy. Whatever they need, whether it be natural medicine or medicine management – they will offer the best combination of treatments in order to get the optimal results.
“Whatever they need – we’re going to try to make that work,” he said.

Complete Wellness was named “Best & Brightest” for 5 years in a row by expanding their services every year and offering new products; such as; newly released topical pain relievers and working to make an impact, not only on the local community level, but also on a regional and national level.
“I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to do in Hawesville,” he said. “Initially, when people think of us, they think back pain, and in the office we see a lot of tough lower back and neck injuries. Usually we are able to work through those patients quickly and get them back to work.
The bigger difference for those patients is how our model works. For instance, for a disc bulge – chiropractic and physical medicine, including spinal decompression, which is a big component, to get that disc bulge back where it needs to be to get the patient out of pain.
We are also able to use medical resources like the regenerative medicine along with chiropractic to stabilize joint, neck, lower back, knee, and shoulder pain.  And, we are able to improve it, so when they finish treatment, they’re actually in better shape and stronger than what they were before the injury occurred. Likewise, with the tough conditions we treat health wise, such as GI, Diabetes, and Heart. We have a huge number of success stories.”
Dr. Brockman is Vice President of the Kentucky Chiropractic Society for 5 years now, and also a member of the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors (KAC). He serves on several different health boards, and attends conferences each year.
He, along with the KAC, legislators, and Campbellsville University, helped get the first chiropractic school in KY started – Campbellsville University School of Chiropractic in Harrodsburg, KY.
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By Jennifer Wimmer

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