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Baker, Garner win primaries in South Hancock and Lewisport

Kentucky’s primary election was Tuesday, which included a handful of local races for county offices. There were few contested races in Hancock County for the primary, though nominees were chosen for District 4 magistrate in the Republican party, District 1 magistrate in the Democrat party, and District 2 constable in the Democrat party.

Gary Baker

Republican Gary Baker prevailed over incumbent District 4 Magistrate Loren T. “L.T.” Newton, 352 to 164. Baker won every precinct in the district: 71-39 at Indian Creek, 109-76 at Pellville, and 137-37 at Boling Chapel. Baker also prevailed 20-2 in absentee voting, and 15-10 in early voting.

Democrat John Garner, current police chief in Lewisport, won his race 96-49 over Darrell D. Wall. Garner’s precinct totals were 36-20 at West Lewisport and 53-23 at East Lewisport. Absentee totals were 2-1 (Garner) and 5-5 in early voting.

In the Democratic primary for District 2 constable, Josh Estes was victorious over Bobby Rice, 98-31. Estes’ totals were 34-10 at Yellow Creek, 41-9 at Utility, and 15-10 at Chambers. Absentee and early voting also went for Estes at 3-1 and 5-1.

Republican incumbent 2nd District Congressman Brett Guthrie soundly won Hancock County over E. Lee Watts and Brent Feher. Totals were Guthrie (659), Watts (232), and Feher (31). Guthrie soundly won the primary across the district.

John Garner

On the Democratic side, Hank Linderman will face Guthrie in November after taking the district over William Dakota Compton. Linderman was Hancock County 285-152.

In the U.S. Senate Republican primary, incumbent Senator Rand Paul won his primary, as well as taking Hancock County over a broad field. Paul received 775 votes in the county. The closest challenger in the county was Paul V. Hamilton with 46 votes.

On the Democratic ticket, former state legislator Charles Booker will move on to take on Paul in November after winning statewide. Booker won Hancock County over three challengers with 327 votes. John Merrill was second in the county with 48 votes.

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said just over 100,000 Kentuckians cast an early ballot in the primary, and statewide turnout is expected to be around 20 percent when final tabulations are made.

By C. Josh Givens

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