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Emergency personnel conduct “lost person” exercise at Jeffrey’s Cliff

On Saturday October 16th First responders from Dukes Fire Dept, Hawesville Fire Dept, Lewisport Fire Dept, Hancock County Rescue Squad, Hancock County EMS, and Hancock County Emergency Management conducted a full scale exercise at the Jeffery’s Cliffs Recreational Area involving a lost and injured hiker.

It is important that we conduct these types of drills to test our Incident Action Plan for an Emergency at the Cliff’s. The scenario involved a hiker who called 911 and could only advise they had fallen and were unaware of their location before cell phone service was lost. The incident was ran by Hancock County Emergency Management and searchers were able to locate the injured hiker played by Sage Young within an hour.

Once the patient’s wounds were treated she was packaged and transported out of the area to a waiting Lewisport Fire Department UTV to be extricated to a waiting ambulance. The terrain, lack of communication and cell service, lack of UTVs, and foliage all play a part in hampering rescue efforts.

A recently purchased drone with thermal capabilities was utilized in the search but ultimately the victim was located by ground crews. All in all the exercise was a success and the weather was perfect and I am confident in our county’s first responders abilities should a situation like this arise again Jeffrey’s Cliffs.

Photo Credits to Amy Stanley

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