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Food pranks at work

A long time ago I worked on the clean up crew for a manufacturing plant in Daviess County. One of my coworkers loved to pull pranks all of the time, and one night he grabbed a roll of duct tape and duct-taped my lunch box shut; actually he used about half of a roll of duct tape and went around and around my lunch box. By the time I managed to get the tape off my lunch box I literally had to wolf my food down in a matter of minutes.

A few weeks later I decided to even the score. While making my cleaning rounds, I went into the break room, took his lunch box and let some of my coworkers see me hide it in the supply room.

The person I let see my hide the lunch box did not like me, so I knew he would tell the prankster at lunchtime I took his food, and where I hid it.

Later, completely unobserved, I slipped the lunch box out of the supply closet, wrapped it in a garbage bag and hid it in the large icemaker located near the break room. When I took the lunch box out of the supply closet, I left a note telling the prankster to look in such and such room for his lunch box. I actually left about seven notes for him, with each notes telling him to look in another room. The last note told him to look in the icemaker. All told, he spent about half of our lunchtime trying to find his lunch.

Then something funny happened. The prankster had pulled pranks on a lot of people at the facility, and when one of them learned I had hidden his lunch, after we had all used the microwave to heat our food this person went over to the microwave and reversed the power button, and then turned it down some. The prankster came trudging back into the lunchroom after his 15-minute tour of the plant searching for his food, and put his sandwich in the microwave and turned it on for about one minute.

When he took his sandwich out, it was still cold, so he turned the power “up” on the microwave and put it in for another minute. He repeated this process a couple more times before giving up and eating his food cold.

When he finished eating he turned to me and said we needed to fix the microwave, as it would not heat his food. At that point I told him what the other person had done to the power knob. He became somewhat upset and asked me why I did not tell him about the power button. I looked at him and said, “Because you did not ask me what was wrong with the microwave!”

By Ralph Dickerson

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